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Pool Remodeling Services Includes:

Resurfacing of Pool and Spa Systems, Decks, Depth conversions, Adding Baja Steps, Enlarge Steps, and Adding a New Spa to and existing Pool.

Equipment Installation:

We also offer new installation of Pool Pumps, Motors, Filters, Heaters, Salt-Chlorine Systems, and Adding completely new PVCSCH 80 or 40 Plumbing and Updating Drains.

Pool Resurfacing: 

Pool Resurfacing includes Pool and Spa Systems interior surface using regular and mini Pebble, Quartz, Classic White Plaster, Color Plaster, and other various choices for surfaces that are available in the market that can merges beauty and strength to your Pool and Spa..

Pool Tile:

Pool and Spa Tile, Granite and Travertine and Coping combined with various styles and designs can give your Pool and Spa a Unique Look.


Pool and Spa Decking can be done in Acryliz surfaces over traditional natural concrete. Coping Stone, Precast, Travetine, Pavers and many other styles and colors can give your backyard a reliable beauty that will last for years.

New Planters and Sitwalls in you backyard can  can completely change your backyard look.

Remodeling Services